Maggie is not only a brilliant educator, she is also uniquely gifted in her ability to lead and drive meaningful work forward to create an impact school-wide. She has consistently demonstrated a staggering capacity to utilize her deep math understandings and coaching skills to partner with school-leaders around a larger shared vision in order to truly drive lasting change. She has had an impact on teaching practices, student outcomes and school-wide math culture that has been sustained over time.

- Aubrey Wilk, School Principal

Maggie Waldner is an incredible instructional leader - she brings a unique blend of expertise, content knowledge and the ability to empower others (students, staff and families). At DDES, Maggie led on some pretty big shifts that all saw positive student outcomes, including the implementation of our math problem-solving block, the adoption of our new math curriculum and our first ever family math night. Maggie is a thoughtful, impactful and empathetic leader who is a delight to work with!

- Brent Westrop, School Director

Maggie has helped to completely transform the math culture and practices in our community. Because of her coaching and leadership, our teachers and students feel empowered, are making incredible growth and LOVE math. Her expertise is unmatched!

- Crissy Doty, Assistant Principal

When I began my education career, I had no idea how passionate I would become about teaching math - and I credit that all to the professional development, coaching, and overall math vision leadership I received from Maggie. Our work together deeply impacted me, my students, and my future career opportunities. Working with and learning from Maggie changed the way I feel about math, the way I teach math, and my students' math success, building a classroom with a strong math culture, both with regards to teacher instruction and student discourse. In my current work as a Math Instructional Supervisor, I have the opportunity to help other teachers experience what I had the privilege of learning from Maggie. Maggie's expertise and support continues to reach students - mathematicians - everywhere!

- Carly Meyers, Math Instructional Supervisor at Denver Public Schools

Maggie has very strong communication skills used for articulating concepts effectively and engaging all teachers to create buy-in and build our toolbox to implement new instruction. She's a skilled leader that cultivates a positive team willing to take on any challenge. She's always open to new ideas, as well as any and all feedback, and she uses these to flexibly make changes along the way. Maggie has supported our team to feel empowered to responsively and intentionally deliver math instruction to a stronger degree than we ever have as a school!

- Julia Behringer, Classroom Teacher

I have experienced tremendous growth in my understanding of mathematics as well as confidence in my pedagogical and leadership skills through working with Maggie. Her impressive depth of knowledge about student as well as adult learning, paired with her individualized approach, supports the needs of all ages of math learners. With Maggie's coaching and guidance, my classroom has transformed into a space where students are engaged, curious, and LOVE math!

- Claire Adams, Classroom Teacher