Magpie Math

Creating a world where all students, teachers, and school leaders see themselves as mathematicians.

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For Teachers

Instructional and assessment tools aligned to a comprehensive K-5 math skills progression as well as professional learning opportunities to build content knowledge and pedagogical skill.
Teaching math

For School Leaders

Consulting, professional development, and coaching to support math visioning and strategic planning alongside curricular and pedagogical recommendations.

Supporting schools in creating and sustaining a student-centered math culture


Math Vision Creation

When schools align on core beliefs about math pedagogy and content, the work is focused and sustainable.

Strategic Planning

In order to bring the vision to life, leaders must choose a starting place for the work, outline highest-leverage steps to work towards long-term goals, and determine how progress will be measured.


Through ongoing professional development and coaching, teachers and leaders bring their math vision to life, one step at a time.


By using a coach-the-coach model, change comes from within the school, creating long-lasting impacts on math culture and practice.
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About us

Our Founder

Maggie Waldner founded Magpie Math in 2023 with the goal of supporting students, teachers, and leaders in creating a world where all students see themselves as mathematicians and have access to rigorous, student-centered math instructional and assessment practices. Prior to starting Magpie Math, Maggie led transformational change in the math culture and instruction at Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, creating a model to support schools with executing a rigorous, student-centered  vision for math instruction. Maggie also has experience as an instructional coach supporting K-5 teachers, as well as a classroom and intervention teacher with K-3 students in Brooklyn and Denver. She holds a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she was a Zaentz Early Education Fellow. She has spent her career in education working alongside others at EL Education, Beyond100K, Relay GSE, and the Zaentz Early Education Initiative on STEM-focused projects supporting young children and their teachers/leaders.

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