Services Offered


Designed to meet individual school or district needs. Focus areas may include:

Creating and Operationalizing a Math Vision

Teaching Through Problem Solving

Reliable and Actionable Assessment Practices

Supporting Struggling Mathematicians: SPED and Intervention 

Curriculum Adoption and Implementation

Mathematical Discourse


Building teacher and leader math content knowledge and pedagogical skill while supporting development of effective systems and structures.

Leadership coaching focuses on strategic planning, as well as systems analysis and guidance. This may include support with data teams, instructional coaching, components of instruction, learning walks, professional learning communities, and labsites.

Teacher coaching utilizes the Impact Cycle (Knight) to calibrate on current classroom realities, set student-centered goals, model and implement high-leverage teaching strategies, and reflect on student data to analyze progress.

Professional Learning

Tailored and personalized professional development for teachers and leaders, in-person or virtually. Expertise includes:

Math Identity and Vision-Creation

Teaching through Problem Solving

SPED and Intervention: Curricular, Instructional, and Assessment Practices

Adopting and Implementing the K-5 Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum

Math Fluency Routines

Counting Jar

Number Talks

Student-Led Math Discourse